Our Founder/CEO

Our Founder & CEO


Monica Wesson is a  recognized enrichment specialist, author and entrepreneur. She is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Unique I AM Inc, an  501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

Mrs. Wesson spent more than 11 years mentoring girls, women and is respected as a leader of influence in the areas of enrichment, development, and life growth. Through study research and life-changing work with women and girls, she passionately promotes excellence,

healthy self worth, self-empowerment, and personal growth in the lives of women and girls of all walks.

Born and raised in New Jersey,  after graduating from high school Monica was employed to  work in Corporate America as Accounting Specialist &

Business Healthcare Consultant for 12 years.

She further her education & obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Counseling from Grace Hill University. Monica along with her husband resides still in the Southern NJ area; as a business, author, community & spiritual  leaders, .

 Monica's mission is to work & live what she has been created to do,

which was prepared in advance for her to do in all areas

 while assisting others to do the same.

Currently, Mrs. Wesson is working to complete her Masters Degree in Family Counseling and the release of her 2nd book. 

Message from our CEO

Thank you for visiting our online community. I hope you find our services exciting and of use to you as well as others. As the CEO of Unique I AM Inc., It is my desire &passion for women and girls to live their best life in which they have been created for.  I am thankful to be founder of Unique I AM Inc.,

Unique I AM

Monica Wesson